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Gourmet Toasties!

Toasties are a staple and camping favourite! So many combos, so much melted cheese. It’s tricky to beat a classic cheese toastie, but we reckon this one just about tops it. We’ve thrown together a mouthwatering combo of fillings, with names that may be tricky to wrap your tongue around, but certainly not your chompers. Honestly, this could be served up in a restaurant without complaint.

In my years of camping, I’ve learned one very important thing: “roughing it” is a relative term. Some people like to head out into the wilderness with nothing more than a tent and a hatchet. Those people are nuts. Other people bring the bare necessities (I’m talking hot dogs, buns, and beer). However, there is a third type of outdoors folk and that’s the campfire gourmet. I am of the third kind.

When I go camping, I like to make the entire experience as pleasurable as possible. I bring several bottles of wine – all sealed with a screw top for easy access – and enough groceries to cook a complete meal. I’ve eaten foil-cooked filet mignon, skewered chicken chunks, and fresh spinach fritattas ... While food seems to always taste better outdoors, this food tastes particularly delicious when eaten under the stars. The fact that it’s already delicious probably helps some.


Your favourite bread (I used a beer bread I made the night before)

Cheddar cheese (BE GENEROUS)

Parmesan, adds a stunning richness

Prosciutto ham or any other ham really.

Some chutney (I used homemade fig and chilli) Mrs Balls works great!

Red onion

a touch of truffle oil (if you want to be extra!)

Fresh rocket


1. A medium campfire or a pan works well too!

2. Time to construct your toastie. Grab two slices of bread and spread butter on both sides. Butter on the outside is crucial to making the toastie all crispy and golden. Spread the Dijon mustard over one slice, then layer the white cheddar cheese, parmesan, Prosciutto, the chutney and drizzle of the truffle oil, before topping it off with your second slice of buttered bread.

3. Drizzle a dollop of olive oil into your skillet and pop in your toastie. Let it grill for 2-3 minutes or until the bottom of the toastie is golden brown. Once it’s reached this point, flip your toastie and push down on it with a spatula or enamel plate. This compression will help meld your bread with all your tasty fillings and help your toastie get nice and crispy on the outside.

4. Cook until the bread is well toasted and the cheese is dripping down the edges, mmmmm. Open it up and add your rocket, for that crisp freshness. Slice and eat immediately!

Simple comfort foods are the best!!!

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