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24hr Ramen Recipe

Ramen is rich, filling, and easy to make at home with a luscious slow-cooked beef broth, fresh noodles, soft yolks, and tender beef. This bone broth is a labour of love but simple to make!


1 kg beef — or pork, bones

1 kg beef shin

2 vinegar — cider

2 bay leaves

1/4 miso — or salt

1 nori sheet

2 star anise

4 cloves of garlic

5 cm ginger

For the Ramen: egg noodles

pak choy

baby mushrooms

Nori- cut into strips

Raw, sliced spring onions

sliced fresh chillies

Chard corn on the cob

Toasted sesame seeds

For Ramen Egg 4 – 5 large eggs (plus more in case any of the eggs crack!)

¾ cup Mirin or Aji mirin

¼ cup regular soy sauce

¼ cup dark soy sauce if you can’t find it, substitute with an equal amount of regular soy sauce + 1 tbsp brown sugar

½ tsp cayenne pepper

2 cloves of garlic, or 1 inch piece of ginger sliced

1 star anise


To make the broth Preheat the oven to 200 degrees C. Place the bones in a single layer on a baking sheet and roast for 1 hour turning once until browned and caramelised. Place the roasted bones (and all the roasted bits in the tray) in a large oven proof dish with a lid. Reduce the oven temperature to 95 degrees C. Add water to cover the bones by a few cm and add the cider vinegar and bay leaves. Cover and place in the oven and simmer for 24 hours. After 24 hours, remove from the oven and let the broth cool down a bit. Once it has cooled down enough to handle, strain the broth through a fine sieve. Remove the cooked marrow from the marrow bones and add it to the broth with a quarter cup of red miso (or salt to adequately season) and whisk to combine. Placed the broth in the fridge to cool down completely and then remove the top layer of fat. While the broth is in the fridge, remove all the bits of meat from the bones and set aside or freeze for future use. Reheat the broth to use as is or as a base for soups and stews or freeze if not using immediately.

For Ramen Eggs

Fill a saucepan with some water. Make sure the pot is large enough for the eggs to sit at the bottom in one layer, and to have about 1 inch of water above the eggs.

Add some salt or a little vinegar to the water (this is to prevent the egg whites from running out if there’s any cracking of eggs while cooking).

Bring the water to a boil over high heat with the lid on. Then lower the heat to medium or medium high, so that the water is still bubbling but not at a rolling boil (the eggs are more likely to crack at a rolling boil).

Lower each egg gently into the water. (If any eggs crack while being lowered into the water, I would use them to make omelette or scrambled eggs instead!).

As soon as you’ve lowered all the eggs into the water, place the lid back on, and immediately set the timer as follows to cook the eggs to your preference. 5 ½ minutes for set, but soft egg whites, and runny egg yolks – these eggs are really delicate. 6 minutes for a set white, but runny egg yolk. 6 ½ minutes for a set white, a jammy/runny egg yolk, and as seen in the pictures in this post – this is my favorite. 7 minutes for a set white, and a half set egg yolk.

  • When the time is up, remove the eggs and immediately place them in a bowl with cold running water, for at least 2 – 3 minutes, OR place them in an ice bath for a few minutes.

  • Carefully peel the eggs by gently tapping them on a hard surface to create little cracks along the surface. (The eggs cooked for 5 ½ minutes will be trickier to peel than those cooked for 7 minutes).

  • Once peeled, place the eggs in the (cooled) marinade. For those eggs cooked for 5 ½ minutes, put the marinade into a bowl where the eggs can be placed along the bottom in one layer.

  • Let the eggs marinate for at least for 2 hours, or 8 – 12 hours for best results, or even up to 24 hours.

To make the ramen: Reheat enough broth as required. Remove from the heat and place the noodles in hot broth to soften. Once the noodles are soft add the marinade from the eggs into broth

add the rest of the vegetables and serve

.A little Taste of Japan

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